Characters introduced in chapter 1


Maike Haga Maike haga

Age: 17
Species: Gorgon
Zodiac: Taurus

Personality: Maike is a nerv-wreck most of the time, has low self-confidence and a long list of other insecurities. She is not much of  a people person but tries her best to please others, easily becomming a doormat. 


Kopp Adriansson Kopp Adrianssen

Age: 33
Species: Human (mage)
Zodiac: Cancer

Personality: He can be very bitter and introverted around new people, but Kopp is really an emotional rollercoaster. He'd never admit to being as attatched to people and caring as much as he does, he's deeply uncomfortable with closeness and commitments. 
When cornered he'll start picking at other peoples flaws or just turn around and leave. 


Violet Violet

Age: 21
Species: Faun
Zodiac: Pisces

Personality: Violet is bubbly and happy as often as she can, loving to be the center of attention and making people laugh. Her clingy and naive nature has resulted in her friends and family spoiling her and she's easily hurt. 
She hates working and staying in one place, as a creature of the moment she's drawn to the nightlife and always being on the move.



Carmo Carmo

Age: 23
Species: Svartalfar
Zodiac: Leo

Personality:  Carmo has a Laid-back personality but once aggrivated he will stand his ground and develop quite the temper. He takes much pride in his Svartalfar heritage and will happily go into long-winded discussions about social structure, alfar history and shamanism.
Carmo has a great intrest for the supernatural and magic even though he himself is no magican, he as studied a number of dead languages and many occult texts. 



Age: 46
Species: Siren
Zodiac: Libra

Personality: He is cheerful and friendly, keeps up a optimistic view on things but is easily struck down.  
Tiberius loves fine arts, especially music. 


Age: The time it takes for 3 pine forests to grow up and rot away 
Species: Huldra
Zodiac: Scorpio

Personality: Teckla enjoys being in controll of things and living out her emotions to the fullest. When she is angry she has the fury of a burning inferno, when she is sad she will make sure everyone else is aware about her misery etc. She is very protective of those close to her such as Violet but won't fight for someone who won't fight for themselves. 
She has little patience for complex tasks and will go for the fastest way out. 


  Oliver Stagnelius

Age: ??? (dead)
Species: Neck/Nix
Zodiac: Scorpio

Personality: Being a drowning spirit he has a cruel streak by nature. If on friendlier terms he will tease and play pranks on people.


Characters Introduced in Chapter 2




Age: 28
Species: Human
Zodiac: Capricorn

The tall and silent type, likes to keep to himself. He tries to keep a stoic exterior and hide his hallucinations from others. Straton fears beaing a failiure and not measuring up to people's expectations.